We can help you address territory-specific challenges such as regulatory requirements or patent legislation, and we’ll support you in creating an optimal foundation for development on the ground when it comes to people and spaces.

From company registration and financial planning, to ongoing sales forecasting and pharmacovigilance, iConsult will work alongside you, in your language, and in accordance with your cultural landscape.

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Market Diversification

Your success needn't be limited to one territory. iConsult is your partner in product portfolio expansion, bringing you the benefits of our international network of contacts working across a range of related professions.

Through targeted market, internal, external and SWOT analysis, we’ll help you make the right strategic options and selections. We can assist with product marketing, distribution and sales, and guide you through financial strategies available too.

Business Diversification

iConsult is always open to creating new partnerships. Thanks to our global outlook, we bring a wealth of experience to the table in terms of connecting manufacturers and service providers from a variety of industries.

We’ll assist in developing new product portfolios to complement your existing business areas, partner with distributors to ensure you receive quality products, and ensure cross-territory compliance throughout. Contact us for a personalised way forward.

Business Development

Regulatory & Related Services

Ensuring regulatory compliance and product quality is key to successful growth in any export market.

iConsult provides a detail-driven service to our clients looking to introduce new healthcare products to a territory, or guarantee existing supply chains. From product registration, right through to warehousing and logistics, we tailor our services to meet your needs.

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